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Alpine Kids FAQs

Chairlift Code of Conduct

We have developed a children’s chairlift code of conduct to help all of us educate our young skiers and riders about the importance of following chairlift best practices.  Please take an active role in educating your child on the following guidelines:

1. Behave and be respectful of your team mates and others when you are in line, loading the chair, riding the chair, and unloading the chair.

2. When you are loading the chair, move promptly from the WAIT HERE board to the LOAD HERE board.

  • Hold your poles in your inside hand
  • Look back and to the outside
  • Grab outside of chair as it approaches
  • While you are riding the chair, DO NOT play with skis or boards and DO NOT play with the restraining bar
  • If the lift stops, DO NOT turn around or play around on the chair

3. After you unload the chair:

  • Move away from the unloading ramp
  • Stay out of the way of others
  • Wait for coach or instructor

4. While you are riding the chair, DO NOT play with skis or boards and DO NOT play with the restraining bar.

5. If the lift stops, DO NOT turn around or play around on the chair.

6. After you unload the chair

  • Move away from the unloading ramp 
  • Stay out of the way of others
  • Wait for coach or instructor 

7. Children that violate this Code of Conduct will be appropriately reprimanded up to and including termination from our program.

8. The following websites provide helpful information for preparing your children to ride chairlifts safely: NSAA, Lids on Kids, and Freestyle Terrain.


“Please be advised that your child may be riding lifts alone, with other children, or with adults while enrolled in group or private lessons or Teams. Please advise a Supervisor or Head Coach if you do not wish for your child to ride a chair lift alone.”

Chairlift Safety | Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows from Squaw Valley on Vimeo.

Registration and Reservations

When should I arrive?  

Arrive at registration and drop off early. This will allow children time to pick up their equipment, adjust to the surroundings, and meet other children and instructors without feeling rushed (parents will also have more time on the slopes!). It can take up to 30 minutes to register if it is your first time here. To save time, fill out the release of liability before you arrive. Every child participating in a lesson is required to have the release signed for every season. 


How do you decide what level my child is skiing/riding at?  

Be honest about your child's ability. Instructors will evaluate during the lesson individually but it can be difficult if a parent has marked the child's skills too high. Class adjustments may be made during the lesson if possible. A child's skill level can change with the snow conditions. Although you will be asked to make a preliminary assessment, final placement is determined with consideration towards the safety of your child and other class members.  


Is your three or four year old ready for ski school?

Is your child ready for a full day of skiing?  Our Ski Program can be a great experience for children.  However, it can also be a physically and emotionally demanding day for some 3 and 4 year olds. Please read through the below characteristics to help you decide if a day at Kids’ Camp is the right option for your child.  Children who exhibit most of these behaviors may be ready to learn to ski Please remember that all children MUST be able to use the bathroom independently to attend ski/snowboard school. Alpine Kids reserves the right to evaluate the readiness of participants.

  • My child attends daycare or preschool several days a week.

  • My child does not need naps.

  • My child responds to verbal directions and requests.

  • My child is comfortable interacting with other children and adults.

  • My child can focus on a single activity for an extended period of time.

  • My child easily adapts to new surroundings and situations.

  • My child is excited and wants to learn to ski today.

If this sounds like your child, we invite you to check out the program itinerary. If you have concerns or feel unsure whether the program is suitable for your child, feel free to come and have a chat with us.


My child is three or four.  Should they be enrolled in a full day session?

A full day can be a lot of skiing for a 3 or 4 year old. We recommend starting with a half-day session if you are not sure how your child will do. You can always upgrade to full day session when you arrive at pick up at 12:15 pm.  


Does my child need a reservation?  

Reservations are strongly recommended for all children’s ski and ride lessons, especially during holidays, weekend, and the months of March and April.  You can save money by booking in advance.  


Will I have to wait in line if I make reservations?

Making a reservation ensures that your child has a spot in a group lesson.  Since you have already given us your child’s information, you will just need to sign the release form, advise us of emergency contact information, and let us know about any allergies or special needs your child may have. There will be a line to check in, but as long as you arrive before our registration closes (9-9:30 weekdays, 8:30-9:15 weekends)  we will be able to get your child in a class.


Can I go with my child to get fitted for equipment?

For the safety of all the children, we do not permit parents past the Reservation desk until check-out time.  You will be able to view your children at the back door as they make their way out to the start of the lessons. Please note that these programs are on-snow and physically demanding. Alpine Kids is not day care. Participants will be on the snow in active outdoor activities.  


Clothing and Gear

What does my child need to ski or ride?

Please label all belongings and make sure children are equipped with the following when they enroll in Alpine Kids: 

  • Sunscreen: Please have a high SPF (15+) Sunscreen already applied

  • Clothing: Appropriate layered clothing to be outdoors for several hours; there is no need for a hat because our rental package includes a helmet. (Helmets are required for all Alpine Kids). 

  • Waterproof gloves or mittens: If it is snowing you may want to put a second pair in their cubby.

  • Eyewear: goggles on a windy or snowy day and goggles or sunglasses on a sunny day.  All students enrolled in lessons are required to have appropriate eye protection.  

  • Helmets are mandatory for all children enrolled in Alpine Kids Programs. They will be included in the rental package or you can rent just a helmet if your child has his own equipment.  While helmets may reduce or mitigate the severity of some head injuries, their use does not guarantee safety and will not prevent certain injuries.  Alpine Kids reminds you that every winter sport participant shares responsibility for his or her safety and for that of others using the ski area facilities.  Remember to always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.  Know your ability level and stay within it.  Become familiar with, teach, and observe “Your Responsibility Code” and share with other skiers and riders the responsibility for a great experience.  

Can we keep our rental equipment?

Our rental package includes a helmet, boots, and skis.  You are welcome to keep the equipment until the end of the day.  


General Information

My child will be three years old in a few weeks, can she come to ski school?

No.  Unfortunately, she cannot participate in our group programs as Alpine Meadows does not have a licensed daycare. However, a private lesson can be arranged for children under three.  


If my son gets tired, can he go inside and play?

No.  Kids’ Camp is all about learning to ski and ride.  If your child will not participate in our outdoor activities and skiing or riding programs, we will call you to come pick them up.


Can I remove my child from the program to ski with them?  

Yes.  We encourage parents to get ski time in with their children.  It is best for you to approve the best times to do this with the Kids’ Camp supervisors.


Will an instructor always ride with my child on the chairlift?

No.   Whenever possible we attempt to have an adult ride on lifts with children but it may not be practical to do so all the time. 


My child stayed on the magic carpet all day.  Will she be riding the chair lift tomorrow?

It depends.  We will put children on the beginner chair lifts once they are capable of stopping on their own every time.  Often times we move children into higher levels after lunch.


Can I watch my child’s lesson?

Parents who wish to watch children in class should watch from a distance to help keep the child's attention on the instructor.  


How do I learn about my child’s progress?

Each child will receive a 'report card' at the end of the day so that parents will know what skills were worked on in the class. Instructors will also make suggestions for the next step of instruction.  Remember, children all learn at a different rates and snow conditions play a big part. If you do check out your child early, the instructor will not be able to do a report card on the hill.  


Do I need to provide lunch for my child? 

No, lunch is provided as part of the all-day lesson. Students come in for lunch at 12:15. 


What do I do if my child has special dietary needs? 

If your child has special dietary needs, please inform us during drop-off.  We will always have a vegetarian option for food, but please let us know!  You may bring their lunch if you prefer. Please put the lunch in a lunch box or bag with the child's name clearly displayed. 


Drop Off/ Pickup Times

Lesson Type

Registration and drop off

pick up

Full-day Lessons for ages 3-7

9:00-9:30 weekday registration and drop off
8:30am-9:15am weekend/holiday registration and drop off


Morning Lessons for ages 3-4

9:00-9:30 weekday registration and drop off 8:30am-9:15am weekend/holiday registration and drop off


Full-day Lessons for ages 8-13
9:00-9:30 weekday registration 8:30am-9:15am weekend/holiday registration 9:45am on-hill drop off


Afternoon Lessons (beginners only) for ages 3-7 1-1:25pm weekend/holiday registration. Drop-off in Kids Camp at 1:00pm 3:45pm

Afternoon Lessons (beginners only) for ages 8-13

1-1:25pm weekend/holiday registration. Drop-off in Kids Camp at 1:00pm



If you do not have a reservation:

Please arrive early to secure a spot.  We can not guarantee a class without a reservation.  

Ages 8-13: If you have your gear, proceed to the Sales Desk (across from Estelle Sports) to purchase your lesson and lift ticket.   If you need to rent gear (during a non-holiday time), start at the Rental Shop to purchase your lesson, lift ticket, and rental gear.  

Once you have your gear, lift ticket, and claim check, proceed to the Mountaineers Room to check-in. 

Ages 3-7: Start at the computers and fill out the registration form.  Proceed to the Sales Desk (next to Estelle Sports) to purchase your lesson, receive your lift ticket, and claim check.  

Once you have received your ticket and claim check, you may go to the registration desk at Kids’ Camp.  

If you have a reservation:

Ages 3-7: Check in at with the instructor at the door of Kids' Camp for your ticket, paperwork, and claim check.  Be sure to fill out the highlighted fields on your paperwork before checking in at the registration desk.  

Ages 8-13: Check in at the sales desk for your ticket and claim check, then proceed to the Mountaineers Room to check-in. 

For reservations please call 530-452-4349.


Cancellation Policy

Lessons cancelled after 1pm the day prior will incur a $15 cancellation fee. Same day/or no show cancellations are subject to the full charge of the lesson. For same day cancellations; if you decide to re-schedule for another day a $40 administrative fee will be incurred.

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